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Hay Auction
5 p.m. MST

Hay Auction
5 p.m. MST

Hay Auction
5 p.m. MST

Hay Auction
5 p.m. MST





19091 U.S. Highway 85
Belle Fourche, SD 57717

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is American Ag Video Auction?

American Ag Video Auction is an online hay marketing company that streams live, real-time auctions. We go to a producers farm or ranch, video and test their hay, then market it worldwide online. We utilize the live real-time video auction platform which creates instant market competition to sell your hay. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our buyers and sellers. Providing an innovative and professional way to market hay, while expanding and creating market opportunities worldwide.

How do I Register to Bid or Create a New Account?

Step 1

Click on the RED Register to Bid or View Auction button on the left column of the HOME page of American Ag Video Auction.

Step 2

Fill out the form. Here you will create an account. You aren't required to enter your credit card information. If you choose to bid on our auction we can approve you during the auction. You're all set!

Step 3
Keep your EMAIL ADDRESS AND PASSWORD handy. You will need these to LOG ON during auction time.

Now that I am registed, how do I bid?

The following Bidding Tutorial is from the DV Auction website. DV Auction is the host of our online auctions.

Please click here to go to the DV Auction Bidding Tutorial page.

Now that I am registered what happens when I log on for the auction?

When you first register and log in during an auction, you will see the Terms and Conditions for buying hay with American Ag Video Auction. You must click the "Agree Terms and Conditions" button.

What does the bidding screen look like?

What do I do if I can't access my account?

If you cannot access your account or are having technical difficulties, please call DV Auction at 402-316-5460.

Where is your office located?

Our office is located at:

19091 U.S Highway 85
Belle Fourche, SD 57717