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October 4, 2015


American Ag Video Auction, Is Marketing Hay Important?

Is Marketing Hay Important?

“Marketing” is a word we seldom hear in the hay industry. We market
cattle, grain and every other imaginable commodity but often overlook the marketing of hay. Why is this? And is marketing hay important?

As I travel the country in this very business, I see a desperate need for marketing hay. I also understand why growers often lack in this area. Two of the simplest reasons I see every day is lack of time and lack of opportunity or available companies to handle this.

As a video hay auction company we sometimes get overlooked as the actual marketing service that we are. In other words, growers often look at us as a place to get rid of their hay and that’s about it. Let’s go over a few short points of what we can do for you as a grower and the service we provide for buyers.

Often growers in remote areas or anywhere for that matter have no way to reach markets beyond their local area. For example, a certain grower may have an exceptional product, but most likely will take a beating in the dollar amount received by simply relying on his local market. American Ag Video Auction can reach into every imaginable market available as well as create a healthy competition for that product with our auction platform.

We often hear that in business you should focus on what you are good at and outsource other tasks that need attention to professionals. As a grower, YOU are the professional at what you do- growing, irrigating, and harvesting the best crop of hay you can. Finding the time to focus on where to get the best dollar, as well as create a long-term reputation for your product can be somewhat bothersome, and in all reality most producers really don't have the time.

American Ag Video Auction spends every day focused on marketing your hay, we hire professionals to handle everything from editing your hay videos and researching the markets to keeping inventory of your hay to tracking and assuring your payments go out on time. We help you build a reputation as a reliable producer for years to come. Buyers will return to our auctions looking for your grower number specifically or at least bidding on it creating more and more competition as well as establishing real market value!

Is marketing of your hay important? YES, it most certainly it is! You
deserve fair market value whether you are a hay producer in central WY or Northern Nevada that puts up thousands of tons of top notch, supreme dairy and horse hay. Or you could be a rancher in North Dakota or Saskatchewan Canada putting up average cow hay in round bales! Never underestimate the importance of hiring professionals to market your hay, build you long term markets and remove the headache of handling this chore while you do what you do best- grow that product and care for your livestock!

Tom Baer, Owner and Auctioneer