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January 19, 2016


American Ag Video Auction Equipment Page

American Ag Video Auction Equipment Page

New year, new way to sell your used equipment!

With the new year often comes changes or at least resolutions for change, often good and often improvements to our operations in some way or another. Falling in line with that theme, we here at American Ag are launching our new Equipment webpage! Seeing a desperate need for producers to be able to market not only their hay but also used equipment in a state-of-the-art, convenient yet simple, stress-free way, we created our Equipment page.

The idea is basic, a lot like our hay marketing yet different. Give us a
call, we’ll be on your Farm or Ranch with our video equipment, shoot
eye-catching video of your equipment, as well as give you our opinion and average estimate of what it’s worth. We'll make some notes and comments, bring the video back to our professional editing staff, and just like that you’ve got worldwide marketing, and a wide open field of potential buyers! I think we would all agree, a live video is worlds ahead of simply pictures when it comes to building trust in the on-line market place! Along with this you get one-on-one, personal marketing with our knowledgeable staff.

On a more personal note- part of what brought this about has been my time spent on the road. Driving onto farms and ranches, seeing piece after piece of equipment sitting in the shed or the fence row  unused and collecting dust. Often times the owner realizes they should free up that cash for other more important uses or investments but really doesn’t have the time or possibly the ability to market it properly and realize the true potential and value of that equipment.

How many times have you thought or listened to the wife tell you that you need to get rid of some stuff? Or perhaps you’ve thought- if I would sell these 3 machines I don’t need, I’d have the capital or at least the down payment for that one thing I could use? I can’t count the times I have driven on to a place and thought to myself- man this guy has a lot of money sitting around in equipment not being used but he’s probably too busy to market it and turn over some needed cash or simply isn’t sure how to do it! This is where we come in, don’t let valuable items rust away. Let us help you turn that equipment into cash that can be moved to the next needed investment and improvement for your operation. Still wondering what
your new year’s resolution should be? I just gave you a great idea –
free up cash!

Tom Baer, Owner and Auctioneer