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Lot 2371-4 - 2017 2nd Cut, Alfalfa, Round, Net, Certified Organic. Grand Island, NE

2012 Supreme 1200T twin screw mixer wagon. Tandem axle. Local machine, complete rebuilt inside in 2013, dog leg and straight conveyor, RH and rear discharge, 2 digital displays, excellent machine all around!
Financing and delivery available!


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Auction Results for August 9, 2017

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Video Market Report

You can listen to the American Ag Video Auction Hay Market Report each Friday after our sales at approximately 8:45 a.m. on The Big 81, 810 AM KBHB Sturgis Radio. 

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From the Road...

What's your plan?

Spring time means new birth, new growth and planting. For hay producers, plans for the upcoming hay season are starting to be made. Whether it’s a routine you have developed or one that you learned from your father that he learned from his father. Nonetheless, it’s on your mind. And if it isn’t, it should be.

So… what is your plan? Is your plan to keep on doing what you’ve done in the past because it has worked? Or, is your plan to maximize your hay crop’s earning potential? I hope it is the latter of the two. As with anything, I’m sure your routine could always be improved. Being in the hay auction business, we’ve learned a few things about how to help your hay crop get top dollar.

Not only do hay tarps protect your hay from wind, rain or snow, they protect the value of your hay. The same goes with hay sheds. So, when it comes time to sell, your product is still in excellent condition and can bring what it is worth. Buying hay tarps or hay sheds may be an investment, but it’s an investment that is worth every penny!

Would you like to open your hay market to a much broader buying market or distance? While round bales have been the norm in certain parts of the country, history has proven that square bales are the way to go if you plan on expanding your market! Square bales haul better and you can get so much more on a load! While these thoughts are on your mind, here’s something else to think about…. marketing your hay.

American Ag Video Auction’s hay marketing program is an extensive marketing program that reaches nationwide and into Canada. We work with you from start to finish! Whether you are taking advantage of our early consignment special or if life happens and you don’t get us called until your hay is put up. We’re here to work with you!

When it comes time to do what we do, we travel to you! WE make the trip to YOUR hay. We take samples of your hay and send them to a well accredited full service agricultural testing laboratory. These tests results let buyers know the Relative Feed Value (RFV), Protein, Moisture, etc. We’ll cut into a few bales, so we can show a good description of the hay during our videos. They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words", we’ll let our videos do the talking, literally.

Once the videos are complete, the footage is brought back to the office. Your hay footage is then edited and set up to be promoted. Our marketing program reaches over 100,000 livestock and hay buyers. Viewers are able to watch our videos, read our test results and bid on your hay lots. Buyers can bid on the auction prior to the sale, but the final bid is determined during the live auction.

All this happens and your hay doesn’t even leave your property until payment is received! You don’t have the expense of shopping around to find transportation and hauling it to a yard. You don’t risk any damage to the hay by hauling it or the damage of good ol’ Mother Nature! You don’t have to worry about finding transportation at all, we offer the buyers transportation assistance.

Your hay is your business, and it is also YOUR BU$INE$$! American Ag Video Auction is here to help you expand your selling market and increase your hay’s earning potential. Let us help you take it to another level.


Still on the fence about marketing your hay with us?

Let us shed a little light on your decision. American Ag Video Auction is currently offering an early consignment special. Which includes a 5% discount on all fees and commissions for contracts signed before July 1st, 2017. Minimum of 100 ton. While getting ready for your 2017 crop, take advantage of this early consignment special and give us a call today!  605-717-5888

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